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9 Useful apps for Developers

Here are 9 useful apps for developers

Today i am going to share to you the apps i use on all the time when developing.

Web Screenshot

As the name goes, this is an app that enebles you to take screenshots of websites and web apps. It provides and easy to use interface in order to create high quality screenshots of any websites.
With this app, you are allowed to modify the screenshot size and quality.


This is a simple but powerfull app, that allows you to compress your images without losing quality. It is pretty new. It can compress your images up to 60%+ lesser than its original size and you still get the same quality. Additionally, its a PWA (yay!), therefore you can use it offline at anytime.


Do you wish to enclode the screenshot of your web apps in a Mac style browser frame ? for them to look more attractive on your homepage ? Then this is app is for you. It does not only support Mac styles but also windows. The available browser windows are Chrome, Safari and Edge.


With metatags, you can view the metatags of any website you visited or anylink you find. Its pretty easy to use and efficient. It will also recommend you metatags to include on your page to improve on SEO and marketing.


Unsplash is a website where you can get high quality images for free. They also provide an API in order to fetch images as per requests.


A collection of high quality illustrations in SVG or PNG for your websites and web apps.


Flaticon provides thousands of free vector or image icons you can use anywhere. The provide a free and pain plan. In the free plan, you are required to attribute the author while in the paid plan, you don't need to.

Font Awesome

If you are builind a web app or site, you'll probably want to include font awesome icons. They are free and easy to use. All you need is to include their CDN link in your head tag and you are good to go.

Google Fonts

Google provides a repository of free fonts. You have the option of downloading a font or including it inside your page directly. They also provides many different styles of fonts to use.

YOu have reached the end of this post. I hope you liked it ;)

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Zuriyen Zubin

I am writing my dissertation on the Impact of Popularity on the Evolution of Mobile Apps Based on User Reviews as part of my Master's degree. Pls help me by filling the form & sharing.

Many thanks!

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Austin Hornhead

The link for Web Screenshot is not working!

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Manav Misra

Good catch. It appears that the link as an extra 'https' in it. Hopefully the author can update that soon.
Meanwhile, you can see it here.

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Josias Aurel

Hey, I update the link. You can use it now. Sorry for the inconvenience