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Iā€™m really curious on what could be accomplished on the web with this change. Also do you think full stack devs are gonna need to learn web assembly???


I am also looking forward to this.

For me,Full stack developer is a very broad term. You can be fullstack dev working with .Net, Ruby , Python or anything.

Or you can be fullstack dev with only JS.


Microsoft has developped a layer on top of WebAssembly called Blazor. So for .NET devs it will be pretty easy to adopt WebAssembly.

I heard of Blazor. haven't tried it yet.
I will look on it.


Very true. Each mainstream framework has view rendering engines in addition to web API support. MVC alone can make you full stack. JS is optional.


No need to learn WebAssembly... at least when you are already using .NET and not as a new language itself.
The same goes for GO and others(?).


.Net introduced Blazor which can run C# code using WebAssembly.


You can use Rust for WebAssembly. Not sure about Go yet.
Need to search on the web

Maybe I had it wrong, but I knew for sure that besides .NET, there are other candidates to use with WASM.

Yeah, Rust is a major candidate for it

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