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At my workplace, we use each other as rubber ducks. We just sit silently while the colleague explains the problem. Most of the time he/she can figure it out on his/her own but if needed we can provide some input.
More effective than an inanimate object IMHO.


I do this all the time, and never knew it was a thing. I'll go over to my colleague, generally someone who doesn't know what I'm doing, and explain the problem in a way they can understand. I don't want their advice, I just need to get my head around the problem.


I use Jace the Mind Sculptor as my rubber duck. He's an intelligent mage from another plane, but knows nothing about programming. He also has a tendency to wipe memories, so I take copious notes.


I am an avid rubber ducker. I'll talk at length with my squishy Duke to make sure I've explored the problem enough to bother a colleague with. I'm also a big rubber duck evangelist on the team - people need to know that if they can't make a rubber duck understand their problem they can't make a person understand it!


At first I thought of DuckDuckGo but after reading this incredible short post, I have to admit that I have no idea what you are talking about, and I am not interested in buying anything at this time, thanks.


I have a small, but growing fleet of debugging ducks actually...


Lol! Mine keeps growing too!


for a brief moment I taught you're talking about this