I'm a dev who has a vision for a new internet. I've even started building software, Ask Me Anything!

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Is it called Pied Piper?


Not familiar.



In the fifth season, the Pied Piper team gets new offices and hires a large team of coders to help work on Richard's new internet.


What’s the vision?!?


As a user of the web I want to have access to services, apps, etc. without having to lose ownership of my data.


Software like this already does exist, and is already evolving. Decentralization, federation is where the web is turning to, a simplistic service that can be federated, and ideally decentralized.

You may want to look into things like activitystreams/activitypub, etc. for federation. The fundamental issue with using any web service is you do lose ownership of said data, unless it's decentralized and you run the node, you lose 99% of the data to whomever owns the service

Yes I’m well aware of all the attempts at federation software. I’ve researched heavily into this. But there is a reason it hasn’t seen higher adoption rates. It’s not easy.

Implementation is not the easiest for most, but if you read the specification entirely, it does make sense. For example, Mastodon platform brings ~ 1,000,000 users - if you can federate, it's a channel for ex blogging, posting updates, etc.

Yes. I’ve looked into Mastodon. But again if you use them, your data is stuck on their platform. We need a platform where data is agnostic.

Yes. I would love to see a day when the end user is back in control of their web experience. Similar to how it was in the beginning of the web.


How far along are you in terms of implementation details?

I have gotten as far as creating the base application. I have put several clients on this application in production, but it is not ready for primetime because users can't configure it without having knowledge of development.

It's a REST application and database abstraction tool that allows users to administer permissions, data, etc.


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The internet is already a great thing, but great things obviosuly can be made better, which I hope to see you accomplish. How do you plan on building, distrubiting and getting the word out about your idea when its ready?

Also one of the most talked about topics on the internet is privacy, what are you plans privacy wise?


The plan is to roll out this new architecture, by working on gettting businesses on the idea first. As I'm building out the software, this is getting used as a solution for small businesses who find it important to store their data in their data warehouse. Once we get a good level of business adoption, I plan to roll this out to consumers. Providing them some kind of value (other than storing your data on site).

As far as privacy goes, if you change the model in which you make money online away from using your users as the product. It's a lot easier to change privacy rules. I think the biggest issue with privacy is the fact that people aren't even aware of how their privacy is being violated. So there's a requirement for whoever solves that problem to first raise awareness of it. I'm not sure that my goal is privacy. I'm certainly aware that a system like this could allow users who care about that to use products and services a lot easier if they maintained their own data. Because then portability becomes that much easier.


What kind of software? Is it some kind of privacy helper extension? What are your goals? :D


It's a REST application. To put it in it's simplest form, it's a database abstraction tool that provides users with the ability to create REST resources and define permissions around who can access those resources. The user also has the ability to allow another actor to create resources on their behalf.

The software comes bundled with a UI that a user can go through and administer their data.


My main goals is to allow users of the internet to have choices and not just be stuck on one platform.


is this a Silicon Valley joke?


Nope. I believe in this idea and think it would work to make a better internet.


In the absence of a network connection, is it possible to connect to nearby devices using other means? eg: bluetooth and use that as an internet of sorts?


Do you mean "a new internet" or do you mean "a new type of service X on the Internet", where X is one of "social network", "news media", "drug cartel", etc?


A new way to engage content on the web without having to give up your personal data.


Sounds like a big project! Looking forward to hear more about it.
Have you had a look at Scuttlebutt scuttlebutt.nz/ ? They have some ideas which might match your ambitions.


Awesome! Thanks for sharing. I think what they are doing is awesome. I definitely enjoy the way they solved this problem.


Does it relay on the tcp/ip protocol? If no, how are working to guarantee it's scalability and reliability in the future?


Yes. It is tcp/ip. Think more like REST apis


This may sound rude, but I don't intend it to be - why would I use this 'new internet'? What's in it for me if I'm content with the current state of the internet?


No 1 product is for everyone, my friend. If you don't find value in a product, I wouldn't expect you to use it and I'm okay with that.


I looked at your github profile. Please just do not make the new internet with PHP.


The language doesn't matter, it's the interface which is important.
Anyway, PHP is an excellent tool for web development,it's good enough for Facebook :)


Lol! Why not PHP? It’s generated the most money out of any language on the web.


Sorry, I don't have much time for your trolling (I hope) games ;)

I don't think that's a positive comment. So far the OP seems to be serious about the topic and hasn't shown any uncivilised behaviour.

It's perfectly fine that you think Php is a bad choice for the project Joshua proposes, but when you're asked about your reasons to believe so you shouldn't accuse people of trolling.

I believe he's trolling. That's it.