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Haters gonna hate
PHP - Laravel 5.5


I do not like any framework I've used, and I doubt I ever will. I prefer not having to try to shoehorn what I want to do into someone else's awkward abstraction. What I find valuable are libraries which let me opt into functionality as needed by calling the library when and how I want. (I.e. not required to inherit, or make a specific arrangement of objects.)

Best languages I've used: F# for back-end, Elm for front-end. I learned so much from both languages.


Python/Django! On the frontend JS with Vue!


The first framework I didn't hate!


I personally don't like using frameworks, pretty much ever, definitely more of a library lover. As far a language its a toss up between JS and real Java, syntactically speaking. Execution wise, my favorite would have to be JS, if only it had static typing..


Scala: functional, on JVM, a lot of Machine Learning and big Data libraries and tools. It have a rep for hard to learn, but once you learn it, it just feels good. And still very practical language.

My favorite language is still Scheme from my 6.001 class at MIT, but less practical in the industry.

As for frames, I assume you refer to a web framework. I think Play Framework is pretty good. For front end, I like react framework.


I tried Elm-0.19 recently and was really happy with my experience. It's like a mini Haskell for the web!


No favorites for me, just one's I avoid like the plague. Each library, framework; language gives me new perspectives and knowledge to apply towards the next project.