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Discussion on: What is your PageSpeed?

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What I've learned is that clients like to pretend that pagespeed doesn't matter to them until they realize their rankings are tanking and get fewer clicks.
I'm working in ecommerce and we warned our clients several times that something they wanted would impact pagespeed (and rankings). Sometimes they'll listen, other times they'll call you a few months later and complain until you quote their mails ignoring the warnings.

I feel like gaming stores/launchers are especially atrocious, I never had a smooth UX in Origin regardless of hardware. Clicking stuff takes ages and animations lag, navigating back would take you back to the top of the list and not to your last position. And it's been like this for ages but they've recently announced a beta for a new launcher.
Uplays websites are in a similar boat, GOG and Blizzard seem to care more about UX (both launchers and websites).

Maybe they don't care because they know that the customer is forced to use the website if he wants to get a PS4/EA/Ubisoft-game, unlike in ecommerce where most products are available in several shops.

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Its facinating with EA/Ubi etc given the rather extreme perf focus most game devs has as opposed to what their web/launcher devs seem to have.