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re: "Age my starting point, I always how the tutor was able to move a selection up without moving the mouse..." Stopped reading after this. Doesn't th...

It is user generated content and proofreading is responsibility of the author.

I believe, this is author's first post and English is not his first language. Feedback in right direction may improve the quality of future articles from him.


You may have misread my comment. I did not complain about the author. I explicitly said, "Doesn't this website do any proofreading?" (emphasis added).

It is the website's role to proofread their articles and hold them to some standard, not the user's role to improve the quality of the articles. Now it is clear to me that this website does not have a high standard of articles, since it clearly does not do any proofreading, and I made the decision not to read advice and subscribe to a website that does not have a decent standard for the quality of their articles.

Sorry for the confusion, I did not mean to attack this article's author.

Wow, you sure did not help at all with this last one.

If you are unable to give constructive feedback and only complain because a FREE platform, that has a rich community of developers who are quite respectful to each other without regard of their country of origin, does not hold to your standards I would say: good riddance to you and may you find a place you like.

This is a community website. No proofreading or editors. So it is better to encourage authors to write more as we all share knowledge and experience here.

I would suggest a better wording in my comment or ask what he meant. Let's be more inclusive and encouraging.

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