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Code management with Git and Github

Chinmay Joshi on August 16, 2018

Git is the most powerful version control system coded in the history of humankind. The super-rich feature set of Git makes the code management str... [Read Full]
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Great tutorial! It covers most features from GitHub that are often unused. I would like to see a coverage of automated deployment on GitHub since you already started talking about that :D


Thank you CodeVault!

I am not so sure what do you mean by "coverage of automated deployment".

Do you want to see code coverage generated by your test suite?
Or the progress of current deployment?

You can check out code-climate. It produces test suite coverage for your code.


I see a lot of projects that have a build status for the current version. And there is also a system that builds the project and spits out library/installers/executable files after each push.

Using that coupled with git tags in your commits you can release a new version of your code by just pushing to upstream.

A small tutorial on that would merge perfectly with the end paragraphs of this one, I think.

Got your point. Maybe I will write a new blog soon about that.

Meantime you can check out travis-ci. Their documentation is pretty amazing. And it's simple to integrate with Github.

Thank you for your inputs.

No problem mate.

Thank you as well, I will definitely check it out.


Thank you for your explanation. This is by far one of, if not the best, explanation of GitHub I have seen.

I am looking into how to integrate GitHub into my team's flow, and I have not been able to figure it out until now. Thank you!


Hello Ross. I am glad you liked my article. And, It's true that defining and following any process takes some time!


What a great post!!

I would like to learn more about where to create test environments (local or remote), how to proceed to test the code and things like that.

Thank you, I will be waiting the email.



Hey, thank you. :)
Check out travis ci for remote test suite setup.


Git is the most powerful version control system coded in the history of humankind.

Actually, that's Fossil.


@tux0r !!! Honestly, I have zero experience with Fossil. I will look it up. Thanks though. :D

On a totally different note... Porcupine tree fan?


Too lazy to change my avatar after ten years. But "In Absentia" is phenomenal.

About Fossil: Read this.

Yes, "In Absentia" is phenomenal!
And, thank you for the link.


Thanks for your great post, I’d like to have the documentation


Thanks and really nice coverage of code management via GitHub. Good work 👍


Great tutorial, I would love to have the documentation, here is my email

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