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Discussion on: Tips for developers switching from Windows to Mac

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Josh Cronkhite

I had a similar experience years ago. I still maintain a Windows environment, but MacOS is my platform of choice.

There are a couple of things I want to recommend that I think you'll enjoy. Have a look at PowerLevel10k for zsh in iTerm. Here's what your CLI might look like after setting it up:

PowerLevel10k on iTerm/zsh

Also I have been really enjoying JetBrains Mono font with ligatures enabled:

JetBrains Mono Ligatures Example

Lastly, if you're a die-hard VSCode fan, check out Azure Data Studio and don't let the name fool you as it's not only for Azure. I use this regularly at work for MSSQL and most often no longer need SSMS. So much faster and easier to deal with.

Hope this is useful. Thanks for the post.

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Cathal Mac Donnacha 🚀 Author

Nice one. Thanks for all those recommendations 👍

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