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Create a MacOS desktop application with pure Ruby (Tutorial)

This is (for now) a modest step-by-step tutorial about creating a MacOS desktop application with Ruby.
I used Traveling Ruby and Platypus, so it doesn't need any system dependencies to run because it downloads Ruby executables and installs gems in the application bundle.
(I'll try to make it more detailed and add more features in the future).

Tested on Apple M3


You have your Ruby application inside a example folder
Image description


Create a ruby2pack.rb file outside example
Image description
and fill it with this gist


From IRB require that file with require ./ruby2pack and run 'example', ruby_version: '3.3.0', platform: 'osx-arm64', rel: '20240215').run.
Test your application execution by running ./dist/osx-arm64-3.3.0-20240215/run


Download Platypus from
and run it


Image description

Follow the image instructions and then press [Create App]


That's it! 🎉

Image description

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andyobtiva profile image
Andy Maleh • Edited

I was able to follow these instructions successfully to package a Glimmer DSL for LibUI desktop application as a native MacOS Sonoma 14.4.1 desktop application on my M2 Chip MacBook Pro.

Thank you for sharing.

blag profile image
Alvaro (Blag) Tejada Galindo

Awesome! I need to try this soon! 🤩