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The power of React refs

In the official React definition “Refs provide a way to access DOM nodes or React elements created in the render method”.

In this article I will show you how Refs can be used for other purposes.

I will not dwell on the explanation of the concept or the various methods of creating refs. You can find all this on the following link:

Standard use case

In a common scenario we can use refs like this:

In this case, ref is used as a reference to a DOM Input.
inputRef allow us access to input properties like value.

Advanced use — Timeout

The next example is a simple notice component. The notice can be closed by clicking a button, otherwise it will automatically close after a time limit.

In this case the ref is used to store a mutable data: the timeout ID

The steps are:

  1. Create the ref (line 6)

  2. Assign the timeout value to ref (line 18)

  3. Clear timeout:

    • If notice is closed by the user (line 13)
    • When component is unmounted (line 21)

Advanced use #2— RequestAnimationFrame

The next example is a simple component that renders a div with an animation on the height.

In this example 3 refs was created:

divRef: A classical use of refs. I’ts a reference to the Div element below.

requestRef: It contains the requestAnimationFrame id

heightRef: It contains the updated height value

The animate function is called until heightRef.current reaches the value of HEIGHT_LIMIT. heightRef.current is incremented by 1 each time the function is called.

If the component will be unmounted before heightRef.current reaches the value of HEIGHT_LIMIT, cancelAnimationFrame function will be executed

Advanced use #3 — Custom Hook

The next example creates a hook that returns a ref containing the x, y position of the mouse. With the help of the requestAnimationFrame a rounded div is animated to follow the mouse

The usePosition hook adds a mouseMove event to the window and stores the clientX and clientY values.
In the animate function of the Point component the values x and y are used to animate the top and left properties of the div referenced by pointRef


React refs are extremely useful for saving mutable data without triggering a re-render of the component.
They are powerful even when used in custom hooks and guarantee high performance.

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SeongKuk Han

Thanks for sharing :)

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Your avanced axample is the same as the first one, thank you anyway!

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Joseph C. Author

Thank you for letting me know. I fixed the mistake!