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Azure Mobile App and Its Functions

Azure mobile apps is a very powerful tool that help one to manage azures services on the go in a mobile environment., if you are not using the mobile app, you are might not be that effective in using azure services, the following are the benefits of azure mobile usage

  • It helps you access all your azure resources in your environment from the convenient of your phone.
  • It helps you quickly diagnose and fix issues that may arise in your environment.
  • Monitor resources and get Azure Service Health alerts.
  • Manage your resources through Azure Cloud Shell

It’s a home build, dashboard like field that has multiples latest list and chart. Showing up services that are most important in an environment adapter. With the azure mobile app one can see recent resources that one has created, you can start and stop you VMs and other services. You can see and view service health of your resources and resource groups.

Azure Mobile Apps features
The following features are important to cloud-enabled mobile development:
• Authentication and authorization: Use Azure Mobile Apps to
users using social and enterprise provides. Azure
App Service supports Azure Active Directory, Facebook™,
Google®, Microsoft, Twitter®, and OpenID Connect®. Azure
Mobile Apps supports any authentication scheme that is
supported by ASP.NET Core.

• Data access: Azure Mobile Apps provides a mobile-friendly
OData v4 data source that's linked to a compatible
database via Entity Framework Core. Any compatible
database can be used including Azure SQL, Azure Cosmos DB,
or an on-premises Microsoft SQL Server.

• Offline sync: Build robust and responsive mobile
applications that operate with an offline dataset. You can
sync this dataset automatically with service, and handle
conflicts with ease.

• Client SDKs: There's a complete set of client SDKs that
cover cross-platform development (.NET, and Apache
Cordova™). Each client SDK is available with an MIT
license and is open-source.

Azure App Service features
The following platform features are useful for mobile production sites:
• Autoscaling: With App Service, you can quickly scale up or
scale out to handle any incoming customer load. Manually
select the number and size of VMs, or set up autoscaling
to scale your service based on load or schedule.

• Staging environments: App Service can run multiple
versions of your site. You can perform A/B testing and do
in-place staging of a new mobile service.

• Continuous deployment: App Service can integrate with
common source control management (SCM) systems, allowing
you to easily deploy a new version of your mobile service.

• Virtual networking: App Service can connect to on-premises
resources by using virtual network, Azure ExpressRoute, or
hybrid connections.

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