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Josefine Schfr
Josefine Schfr

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How do you get the most out of dev tutorials?

I recently started following Amy Duttons Everything Svelte course (highly recommend, by the way, it's super helpful and well made 🙏) and feel like I'm learning a lot. The longer I followed the different classes, however, the more I noticed that I was listening and kind of following along with the project, copying the code into my local project step by step; but it was quite passive.

This can not be the best way to do this 😄 What do you do to make the most out of the tutorials you follow? I'm grateful for any words of advice 🙌 (or just hearing that I'm not alone in this🙈)

I now started taking physical notes and applying some of the things I learned in a different project - this is already really helpful to my own learning style but I'm curious to hear if there are other things I could do ✨

Thank you so much 🙏

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Igor Mihačič

I have some advice for you:
1) When you code along rename the names of variables, functions, classes etc. So when you type you need to reference your own names. Just a little bit more brain stretch ...
2) In most courses the instructor usually gives a clue what is he/she going to do next. Pause the video and try to do it yourself.
3) Make a git repo with just markdown files and type there your notes. You practice Git and also Markdown syntax ;)
4) When you finish your course try to improve what you've built.
5) Stick with the course/tutorial to the end ... don't jump between other languages / topics / frameworks etc.

Hope it will help.

Cheers, Igor

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Josefine Schfr

Thanks Igor, those tips are super helpful! 🙌