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How to add powershell in terminal in SprintToolSuite(STS) IDE?

Hello everyone, I will teach you how to add the powershell executable in the IDE spring tool suite (STS) or Eclipse

1 - Open IDE eclispe/Spring tools suite

2 - Windows >> Preferences >> Pesquise por "Terminal"

Image description

3 - Click in Add

Image description

4 - in add External Executable :

  • Name: PowerShell (Name of your choice)
  • Path: Path of the powershell executable on your machine

Image description

Copy the full path
Exmplo: C:\Windows\System32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\powershell.exe

And add in the path

Image description

  • Arguments: (Optional)
  • Icon: (Optional)
  • Checkbox: Translate Backslashes on Past(Optional)

5 - Click in ADD

Image description

6 - Apply >> Apply and Close

7 - And finally, open the powershell terminal.

Image description

Image description

Thank you.

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