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Discussion on: Is talking about money OK at first interview ?

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Not sure if I understand your question 100% right, but in my experience it is common and also important that you state your compensation expectations as early on as possible.
If it is clear from the start that this job doesn't match your expectations, there is no need to waste time with continuing the interview process.
It also helps the employer to know how to judge you during the interview process by comparing the value you can give to the cost of hiring you. This may sound a little harsh, but every company is calculating about their expenses in some way.
That being said, you should not start with too low expectations since when you have to bargain later on, the salary will only go down, never up. Also be clear about other benefits apart from money that you are expecting. Keep in mind that this is only a first general impression and you don't have to figure out all details in the beginning. Instead try to set the right course for the rest of the interview process.
Expectations and process will vary from company to company and often also depend on the culture you live in.

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Valentin Silvestre Author

Compensation, thanks ! I'm not english native and linguee was wrong this time.

This said, it sound logic. All my process was shot, surely because it's contract with school and that I can't except a lot of things.

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Ben Halpern

Yes, I agree. Stating expectations early on is your best bet for priming the conversation in the direction you need it to go.