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The almanack of Naval Ravikant - Book notes



Building Wealth

  • Getting rich is about knowing what to do who to do it and when to do it
  • The most important thing is to figure out what to work on
  • Seek wealth, is having assets that earn when you sleep
  • You must own equity
  • Play iterated games all returns in life whether, in relationships, wealth and knowledge come from compound interest
  • Specific knowledge is found by pursuing your interest curious and passion
  • Embrace accountability society will reward you with responsibility equity and leverage
  • Fortunes require leverage (Products and media with no marginal cost)
  • Programmers have an army of robots freely available
  • Leverage is a force multiplier for your judgment
  • Study Microeconomics, mathematics, computers, game theory, persuasion, psychology, ethics
  • Reading is faster than listening doing is faster than watching
  • Set and enforce an inspirational hourly rate of $1000
  • Productize yourself (Accountability, specific knowledge)
  • escape competition through authenticity
  • Learn how to learn
  • Figure out what you can uniquely provide at the scale
  • Without ownership, your inputs are very closely tied to your outputs
  • I only really want to do things for their own sake
  • Leverage = money, labor, products with no marginal cost, coding, writing books, reading podcasts, tweeting, and YouTubing
  • You're never going to be rich by renting your time
  • Whenever you can in life optimize for independence rather than pay
  • You want to be as leveraged as possible so you can have a huge impact without as much time or physical effort
  • What you want in life is to be in control of your time
  • Inputs don't match outputs, especially for leveraged workers
  • If you have specific knowledge, accountability, and leverage, they have to pay what you are worth
  • knowledge workers function like athletes train on sprint then rest and reassess
  • Earn with your mind, not with your time
  • Leveraged magnifies difference even more being at the extreme in your art is very important in the age of leverage
  • I work through a burst of energy where I'm motivated by something
  • Figure out what are you good at and start helping other people with it give away pay it forward
  • Solving problems is more important than making money
  • What you want is freedom

  • Big decisions about where to live? who to live with? and what do you do?

  • Retirement is when you stop sacrificing today for an imaginary tomorrow

  • Find something that you feel like playing but is working for the others

  • Hold your lifestyle fixed and make your money in a giant lump sum

  • The single most important thing about the company is the alumni network you are going to build

  • How to get lucky: blind luck, persistence, hard work, hustle, and motivation, becoming very good at spotting luck, building a unique character, and unique brand that causes luck to find you

  • Be a maker who makes something interesting people want to show your craft praise your craft and eventually the right people will find you

  • Love yourself. if you don't love yourself who will?

  • Great people have great outcomes just have to be patient

  • Put yourself in a position with specific knowledge, leverage, accountability, and authentic skillset

  • Money solves money problems I'll give you freedom

  • You can save money you can live below your means and you can find certain freedom that will give you time and energy to pursue your internal peace and happiness


  • You get rich by saving your time to make money
  • Wisdom is knowing the long-term consequences of your decisions, wisdom applied to external problems is judgment
  • The direction you are heading matters most than how fast you move especially with leverage
  • Clear thinkers understand the basics at that very very fundamental level
  • To see the truth you have to get your ego out of
  • The more desire the less likely you will be able to see the truth
  • Clear thinkers have full days to think
  • Focus on the problems and be aware of the biases
  • Collect mental models such as evolution, embezzlement, complexity, economics, principal-agent problem, compound interest, basic math, calculus, falsifiability
  • If You can't decide the answer is no


How to build happiness

  • Happiness is more important than health and health is more important than wealth
  • Happiness is the state when you remove the sense of something missing in your life
  • Happiness is just embracing the present reality is neutral
  • Every desire is chosen for happiness
  • Happiness is training without external validation
  • How to build happiness by not drinking alcohol not eating sugar, not social networks not playing video games no caffeine
  • Choose you're your friends wisely
  • Happiness habits meditation, Sunlight, working out, awareness, minimizing cellphone, dropping caffeine
  • Find happiness in acceptance

Saving yourself

  • My number one priority is health (physical, mental, spiritual, family)
  • Diet Palio and fasting
  • Exercise, meditation, cold showers, the brain needs rest
  • Choosing to build yourself
  • The greatest superpower is the ability to change yourself
  • Habits are everything commit yourself externally
  • Set up systems not goals
  • Free yourself from employment and thinking
  • Read about mathematicians and persuasion


  • Live by your values
  • Life has no meaning


  • Happiness equal to health and wealth and good relationships
  • Sleep with no alarms and circadian rhythms
  • Specific knowledge is knowing how to do something society cannot get easily train other people to do
  • Present above all else
  • Desire is suffering
  • Reading is a meta-skill
  • All greatness conference suffering
  • Benefits came from compound interest

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