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Clean Craftsmanship - Book Review

Craftsmanship is the state of knowing how to do something well and is the outcome of lots of experience


  • Test-Driven Development: Small cycles and tests come first
  • Refactoring: The act of manipulating an unstructured code into code with a better structure—without affecting behavior
  • Simple Design: 4 rules
  • Collaborative Programming: Pair programming, Mob programming, code-review
  • Acceptance test: Behaviors are encoded into tests. If those tests pass, the system behaves as specified.

Test-Driven Development

laws of TDD

  • Write no production code until you have first written a test that fails due to the lack of that production code.
  • Write no more of a test than is sufficient to fail or fail to compile. Resolve the failure by writing some production code.
  • Write no more production code that will resolve the currently failing test. Once the test passes, write more test code.


  • No debugging-foo
  • Low-level documentation
  • Better design
  • More Fun
  • Lose the fear of change
  • Guarantee deployment



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