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My Developer Journey

Image by Joshua Woroniecki from Pixabay

Hello, my name is Jorens.

In this article I would like to tell you my life journey and how I've become a developer.

Since I was a very little kid I was very much into gaming, and also wanted to make games myself. When I found out that my uncle is a programmer, I felt inspired to become a game programmer myself.

My first experience with progamming started with Java, when I was around 8 years old, where I printed out a PDF book for Java beginners. It was amazing writing my first programs and seeing them run. After tinkering with it for a few weeks I got bored and left programming up until I was around 14.

At 14 I started learning C++ from an old book that my uncle had, as well as online resources. When I discovered libraries I was in awe - so many possibilities! I tinkered around with many libraries such as SDL, SFML and Irrlicht, eventually settling with SFML because it was the simplest and easiest to use. I never managed to make anything worth noting though, only lots of unfinished projects in their early stages of development (I bet most of you can relate).

After tinkering with C++ for a few years until about 16, I started working with web technologies - HTML, CSS and JavaScript. I mostly did half-finished projects again.

At 18 years old I stopped doing programming once again, up until around 21.

At 21, that's when I really started seriously doing coding. I built up a portfolio, found some gigs on Upwork and started earning money. It felt great to earn money doing what you truly love. And that's what I'm still doing, at 24.

Recently I've started writing articles on coding as I enjoy writing.

So this is my developer journey.

What was your developer journey like?

I hope you enjoyed reading this, have a great day!

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