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Host your resume on Github pages

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Have you ever found yourself sending that one resume.pdf file to multiple employers while worrying about whether you sent them the updated version? Github pages may just be the solution you need to avoid this hassle! Though github pages is designed to host static files only, it's straightforward and very easy to use! This could also be an opportunity to express your github skills to your prospective employer!

This article assumes that you may already have your static personal website built ready to be hosted. If you haven't, kindly continue reading to see some template options

There are multiple tools and responsive templates that you can use to design your resume in hopes of securing your next job/gig. Here are a few notable mentions:

Paid options 💰

  1. Leven
  2. Tunis - Personal Portfolio
  3. Denzel
  4. Shane - Personal Portfolio Template
  5. Mariam - Personal Portfolio Template
  6. Brown - Personal Portfolio
  7. HAYLEY - Creative Personal CV/Resume HTML Template
  8. Gilber - Personal CV/Resume HTML Template
  9. Suzie – Bootstrap 4 Personal Portfolio
  10. Kitzu - Personal Portfolio Template

Free options 🍵

  1. Personal - Free Portfolio Bootstrap Template
  2. MyResume - Bootstrap Resume and Portfolio Template
  3. iPortfolio - Bootstrap Portfolio Websites Template
  4. Kelly - Bootstrap CV Resume HTML Template
  5. Laura - Free Creative Bootstrap Template
  6. Folio Bootstrap Portfolio Template
  7. MyPortfolio - Free Portfolio Website Template
  8. Free HTML Bootstrap template - Lonely

Now let's begin

  1. Create a github repository that will contain all your web files. Github will use this repository as your web file storage. Fill all the needed information for the repository and create it. Alt Text
  2. Clone the newly created repository onto your local machine and insert all your web docs into that folder Alt Text
  3. I use VScode to manage my git, you can use whatever you want. After making all the changes you need to make, commit all the files to the git repository.
  4. Now go back to github, open the repository and click "settings" and scroll down to the "Github Pages" section. Select the branch and select the folder that contains all your static files. Alt Text
  5. Enable Github pages when all is done and then you should see the link provided for your website. Note that this process may take a few minutes. Alt Text


  • We looked at a few notable web templates that you can use for your personal website. Both paid and free options were provided
  • We also went through the entire process of hosting the website on github pages.
  • Take a look at mine and tell me what you think in the comments below Alt Text

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