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The Art of Destroying A USB

So, As some people know, for my birthday, i got some nice 128gb usb drives, to help me on my quest to banish the bane my chromebook has Alt Text

so, yea, I had about 30 6 gb usb drives i no longer needed... so, i guess we shall get to the art of destroying one, eh?

so, first off, We gently pull off all the caps ( rip em off if it is a spindial usb ), and pull out the ssd...

next, remove the board from the usb socket, the socket can be quite handy in making broken usb ports unusable, or just being a nuisance to others.

After that, we don't want our credit card data being hijacked ( or our very strange youtube videos ), so, we gotta destroy the data, Grab a grenade, go to a shooting range, drop the grenade, pull the lever using a string, and watch all those 1s and 0s in the latch traps ( i think that is what they are called ) have their electrons ripped right from them... or just use acid... don't throw it in a dumpster, you got no clue if some sci-fi hacker is gonna come from the future and steal your data!

Thanks for readin mates! Hope you enjoyed reading what i did to get rid of 37 Usb drives with very sensitive data on them!

Cya on my next post!

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