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Discussion on: Tailwind isn't the answer

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jonosellier • Edited on

Tailwind is excellent if you aren't comfortable with CSS because you're don't have to make it look pretty, everything already is pretty. What tailwind does is boost you to where you need to be for 90% of situations. If you can avoid the other 10% then you are golden.

The issue with tailwind is as soon as you get to that 90% mark, you hit that wall described where you can break the "spirit" of tailwind.

You can avoid this by writing your own classes that (where possible) @apply tailwind utilities for the big stuff that will be used all the time (buttons, form controls, etc.) as well as the tiny stuff (the pseudoselectors, the nth child, etc) that is used almost never. That way you spend most of your time doing what tailwind wants you to do, writing some classes in your HTML.

As with all tools, you can use or abuse it.

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Madi Ostoja Author

Yes totally! Tailwind is excellent for quick prototypes, the problems come up at scale. I just feel for those kind of contexts it introduces more problems than it solves