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Discussion on: How to find a job as a Bootcamp grad

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That's awesome that you were able to find a job in (what I call) a short period of time. I graduated from a program similar to a boot camp in September '19 and I'm still searching. I also live in the midwest in America so maybe it's a little harder.
I love the daily stand up post on LinkedIn. I think I will try that and hopefully it will aid in my search. Great post and best of luck on your journey!

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JennyJudova (she/they) Author

Best of luck in the search!

I found that luck and location do factor into this. I was looking in London which has an abundance of tech companies and a shortage of developers. Outside London it is more tough to find something. The linkedin standup was useful for my morale, accountability and I did get some opportunities through it. It did become a bit of a balancing act writing about interviewing there as the interviewing managers would often start following my posts.