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Jon Calhoun
Jon Calhoun

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Web Development with Go - 2.2 - Explaining our web application in detail (screencast sample)

The previous sample can be found here: 2.1 - A Basic Web Application

The book for this course starts at chapter 1 which covers things like what to expect in the course plus additional resources for learning the basics of Go, but the screencasts start at chapter 2 since the info in the first chapter isn't as useful in video format. All the samples (~2hr of video + 3 chapters from the book) are available at

I'll post a few more video samples in a bit, but my net isn't awesome right now so it will be slightly delayed.

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Jon Calhoun Author • Edited on

@ben Any idea what is going on w/ this video?

Edit: Nevermind. Video started working, was just a little delayed.