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What is Global Travel Hackathon?

jonatoni profile image Jona Azizaj ・1 min read

At, we care. We love the world of travel, but we’re aware of its dark side. That’s why we’re inviting everyone to help us reshape the way we travel to make it smarter, sustainable and accessible for everyone.

Let’s celebrate World Tourism Day by attending and organizing travel hackathons all over the globe on 27 September. We want to bring together engineers, designers, and innovators: providing them with a creative and supportive environment, and encouraging their ideas on how to hack travel.

We hope to trigger a global #HackTravel movement that would become a platform for constant improvement in the travel industry. Here are the main topics for this year:

  • Sustainability: Do you have an idea about how to make travel more responsible? How to deal with mass tourism? Join us to make travel sustainable and bearable for everyone.
  • Accessibility: How to make travel better for people with disabilities? How to find well-adapted hotel rooms or accessible restaurants? Or how to make travel smooth for travelers flying with their musical instruments, bikes or surfboards? Accessibility can be perceived from different perspectives, help us find the one which will change the world of travel.
  • Community: How to find one's travel network? How to connect offline communities? Help us connect the unconnected.

More details here:

Global Travel Hackathon

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