What is the best IP Geolocation API?

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We just published this detailed comparison of the most popular commercial IP Geolocation APIs.

We looked at factors such as;

  1. Data quality — the accuracy of their geolocation data
  2. Data variety — threat intelligence data, proxy detection, carrier detection, tor detection
  3. API latency — we used a third party monitoring tool to monitor each API for 24 hrs. We sent a request every 30 seconds from 8 locations globally. Los Angeles - US, Miami - US, Montreal - Canada, Gravelines - France, Frankfurt - Germany, Singapore, Tokyo - Japan, Sydney - Australia.
  4. Global endpoints — whether the API has more than one endpoint in different locations for redundancy and high scalability.
  5. Cost — cost per million calls
  6. Libraries
  7. HTTPs support
  8. Rate limits
  9. Infrastructure/High Availability — we use dig to show if a provider is terminating on a single server with an A record
  10. Simplicity of Documentation

To measure API latency we setup status pages on updown.io for each API and monitored it for 24hrs. Updown sent a request every 30 seconds from 8 locations globally.

Feel free to reach out with feedback on your experiences using any of these services.


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Thank You

I am using the IP geolocation API from ipwhois.io