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how would you build it?

jonaspostmodern profile image Jonas from Postmodern Work ・1 min read

hey, new guy here. inspired by seeing so many experts here and aiming to build something of my own, but i don't see myself as a web developer, tech-curious tinkerer at best.

Imagine you're building a (static) website to sell your stock videos for a subscription fee. How would you build it in a most simple way - “nocode” tools allowed, but price is an issue, since you don't have any sales.

Does this stack makes sense, how would you improve it?:

  1. static site generator, like 11ty (no React, since i dont know it).
  2. Firebase for user authentication (and gated content?).
  3. Paddle for payments (Stripe does not help with EU sales/VAT tax etc), but does it integrate with Firebase easily? How about Netlify?
  4. Jamstack search library - seen a few of those here.
  5. Video content stream/download also from firebase?

I'm sure i'm missing something. But more importantly, could it be simpler? (aside from memberstack or gumroad)

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Ryan Latta

I'll give a pretty radically different way you COULD try this.

Your site is built with a few pages. Primarily to serve as a landing page, purchase page, and maybe news or something.

No login needed!

Your payment page can be facilitated through any payment system you like. That payment system has something like a zapier integration that shares access to a google drive, dropbox, etc where the videos are stored, and an email is sent to the user notifying them.

Your payment and email system serve as customer records, your hosting of videos is file-based and if you want your static site to summarize whats available that's fine too.

jonaspostmodern profile image
Jonas from Postmodern Work Author

that could definitely be an MVP