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Vim: Jump to first non-whitespace character in line

Press ...


Yes, that's it.

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Peter Benjamin (they/them) • Edited

For bash users who are used to ctrl+a and ctrl+e, it may be convenient to have the same shortcuts in vim:

" normal mode
nnoremap <c-a> ^
nnoremap <c-e> $
" visual mode
vnoremap <c-a> ^
vnoremap <c-e> $
" insert mode
inoremap <c-a> <esc>^i
inoremap <c-e> <esc>$a
" commandline mode
cnoremap <c-a> <c-b> " this is specially useful in tmux since <c-b> is the default tmux prefix/mod key, which requires users to type <c-b> twice to move the cursor to the beginning of the line in vim commandline mode
" cnoremap <c-e> <c-e> " this is not needed since <c-e> is the default vim keybinding for moving cursor to end of line in commandline mode
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Can you help create some code that will allow quotes to be stored in a folder for use in notes without the requirement of having them exist in the root directory? Thanks