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Animations in React 2020 - react-spring

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Lately I've been working with animations in React and react-spring. There are many animations libraries out there but currently react-spring seems to be one of the most popular ones and for a good reason. I really like the hooks api since it plays very well into the remaining of my code that is also using the hooks syntax.

I have tried to create some more intermediate and advanced animations using react-spring (not just a simple fade/slide) and created YouTube videos showing how:

Let me know if they are useful to you if you're getting started with animations in React or if there are other libraries out there that looks exciting for animations in React here in 2020.

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Thanks for the video, Jonas.

You can also embed the video in the post using liquid tag.

{% youtube kNH95mlNJd8 %}

You can find more about it in the Video Embed section in the Editor Guide. :)

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