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Release 0.36.0 of Spellcheck (GitHub) Action - another maintenance release

I have released version 0.36.0 of the GitHub Action for doing spelling checking of your documentation etc. for which I am the current maintainer.

This release was prompted by several updates.

  • Docker base image bumped to Python 3.12.1
  • and the pyspelling dependency was updated to 2.10

The core component of the action is the pyspelling package which is a Python package for checking spelling. It is a wrapper around the hunspell and aspell libraries and provides a Pythonic interface to them. The action is a simple wrapper around this package to make it easy to use in a GitHub Action workflow.

With 2.10 pyspelling introduces the ability to run in parallel, which should speed up processing time. I have not been able to document this at this time, but I will more into if this requires additonal work in regard to Docker images used for the action.

Change Log

0.36.0, 2024-02-06, feature release, update not required

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