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Release 0.31.0 of Spellcheck (GitHub) Action - another maintenance release

Yesterday uploaded version 0.31.0 of the Spellcheck GitHub action to the GitHub Marketplace and DockerHub.

The base Docker images has been updated and version 0.31.0 is available on the GitHub marketplace and will be supported for the next 365 days.

I still need to address the end of life for several versions and I am bit behind schedule, the versions are:

  • 0.21.1
  • 0.22.0
  • 0.22.1
  • 0.23.0
  • 0.23.1
  • 0.23.2
  • 0.24.0

I normally use SourceGraph to get an overview of where to create PRs, this time I tried with GitHub search and it actually provides results for some areas where SourceGraph does not provide results.

Change log for 0.31.0

0.31.0, 2023-05-16, maintenance release, update not required

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