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Release 0.10.0 of Spellcheck (GitHub) Action

Yesterday I released a feature release of GitHub Spellcheck Action.

The release is based on a contribution from Matt Calvert (PR #34).

The enhancement allows for the GitHub Action to bypass the filename pattern specified in the PySpelling configuration, which is the core configuration for this action.

The default behaviour is to specify the patterns in the configuration and you specify your file patterns:

  - '**/*.md'
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In order to bypass/overwrite that configuration, you can specify source_files and a related taskname in the action, using PySpelling differently - so the handling is moved from the PySpelling configuration to the action configuration for this use-case.

An example:

name: Spellcheck Action
on: push

    name: Spellcheck
    runs-on: ubuntu-latest
    - uses: actions/checkout@master
    - uses: rojopolis/spellcheck-github-actions@0.10.0
      name: Spellcheck
      # Overwrite configuration
        source_files: notes/
        task_name: Markdown
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Thanks to Matt for his contribution.

An issue (#33) raised the question of the ability to only check the incoming changes, not the final product. Matts contribution looks promising as a stepping stone in the ability to configure actions capable for exactly that, but some more work and evaluation and experimentation will have to be invested into the issue before a solution can be provided.

The next coming feature release is already in the pipeline and is support for German as language. See milestone for 0.11.0 for more details.

Change Log

0.10.0 2021-02-06 feature release, update not required

  • Added capability to specify a set of files in the action, bypassing the filename pattern specified in the configuration. Implementation from PR #34 from Matt Calvert

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