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Discussion on: Release 1.50 of perl-workflow

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jonasbn Author • Edited

Hi thorstenhirsch

The Makefile.PL and Build.PL are auto-generated by Dist::Zilla, so they are included in the distribution tar-ball uploaded to PAUSE/CPAN.

I will look into writing up documentation on how to install directory from the repository.

Thank you for the feedback - as a Perl developer you too often expect everybody to know and use CPAN, which might not be the case, so your feedback it most welcome, since I would prefer to be more inclusive in that regard.

Take care and stay safe,


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Thorsten Hirsch

Oh, thanks for clarification. I have been working on a perl project (in-house/closed-source unfortunately), which was using ExtUtils::MakeMaker for auto-generating the Makefile based on Makefile.PL. But I didn't know that there's also an auto generator for Makefile.PL.