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jonasbn on February 25, 2019

As a follow-up to my post from the 11th. "Giving a talk at CopenhagenJS" I got my presentation accepted. So at the CopenhagenJS February meeting ... [Read Full]
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Oh, wow, jonasbn. Great idea.

I'm wondering whether I should consider adding linting to my markdown_helper project and gem.



Happy, that you find it great, however unclear on what part. The post ran a bit too long and covered way too much.

The great idea, being adding linting to your tool project?



Sorry not clear on first try. The great idea is your linter.

Oh, it is not mine, I am just a user - I love linters and I happen to be writing a lot of Markdown, so I currently I am in love with Markdownlint :-)

Using primarily the Node implementation, have played around with the Ruby implementation. Btw. the Ruby implementation should perhaps be what you should look at for possible integration with your project:

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