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Discussion on: Will Native Development be dead for good in 2020?

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Jonas Barkå

Why do you feel Microsoft has "dropped" Xamarin? I haven't used it myself but this is not the impression I've got from watching the overall Microsoft space.

On the separate issue of how wise it was to buy Xamarin, it is important to consider that cross platform Android/iOS development was only part of the reason for the acquisition. Experience and technology from Xamarin were crucial for creating .Net Core and thus making sure .Net remains relevant going forward.

I personally belive buying Xamarin has paid off tremendously.

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Karan Shah Author

I agree on using Xamarin experience for creating .Net Core but recent updates and version upgrades from Xamarin, IMHO, haven't been up to the mark.

Also, while I might have gone hyperbole on dropping it like a hot potato - it's hasn't received the kind of attention that other products like Azure or 365 are getting - both in terms of the advertisement or quality of builds. Compare it with tools like React, Angular or those on the lines.