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33 Inspiring Female Founders To Follow On Linkedin

It's time to get inspired by their journey

33 Inspiring founders to follow

The path of entrepreneurship can be challenging. The good news? Successful founders are on hand to share with you what they've learned.

Here are 33 founders giving back through their content

1. Amelia Sordell

Amelia Sordell

Founders of klowt. Always insightful content on how to develop a killer personal brand on Linkedin

Linkedin Profile : Amelia Sordell

2. Katelyn bourgoin

Katelyn bourgoin

Founder of Customer camp, katelyn's feed is packed with resources to market smarter. A must- follow!

Linkedin Profile : Katelyn Bourgoin

3. Chantel George

Chantel George

Founder of Sistas in Sales. Her content reflects her passion for sales and influencing other women.

Linkedin Profile : Chantel George

4. Isobel Cowell

Isobel Cowell

Founder of Dear Future Marketer. Linkedin creators can get tons of useful tips on personal branding from her.

Linkedin Profile : Isobel Cowell

5. Emmie Faust

Emmie Faust

Founder of Female Founders Rise. Make sure not to miss her amazing insights on entrepreneurship and business growth.

Linkedin Profile : Emmie Faust

6. Lara Acosta

Lara Acosta

Founder of LA Digital. An expert on the personal branding game, she's willing to share her secrets n Linkedin.

Linkedin Profile : Lara Acosta

7. Sophia Amoruso

Sophia Amoruso

Founder of Trust Fund(and a couple more). She shares her exciting journey into entrepreneurship.

Linkedin Profile : Sophia Amoruso

8. Katy McFee

Katy McFee

Founder of insights to Action. Her mission is to inspire aspiring leaders and women in business to grow.

Linkedin Profile : Katy McFee

9. Irit Levi

Irit Levi

Founder at Day By Day. She can tell you everything you need to know about running a great business.

Linkedin Profile : Irit Levi

10. Francesca Gabetti

Francesca Gabetti

Founder of TeamEQ, Francesca supports leaders to reach their maximum potential.

Linkedin Profile : Francesca Gabetti

11. Ghazal Alagh

Ghazal Alagh

Founder of Mamaearth. Sharks at Shark Tank India.
Ghazal shares about their business model and their journey.

Linkedin Profile : Ghazal Alagh

12. Vineeta Singh

Vineeta Singh

Founder of Sugar Cosmetics.Sharks at Shark Tank India.
She is famously known for declining a ₹1cr job offer from a leading investment bank to follow her heart and dive into entrepreneurship.

Linkedin Profile : Vineeta Singh

13. Wes kao

Wes kao

Co - founder of Maven. Marketing, leadership and culture tips are just some of the things you can learn from wes.

Linkedin Profile : Wes kao

14. Grace Beverley

Grace Beverley

Founder of TALA and SHREDDY. Grace shares amazing content on living as an entrepreneur.

Linkedin Profile : Grace Beverley

15. Carrie Rose

Carrie Rose

Founder of Rise at Seven. Carrie is an agency powerhouse sharing all of the lessons she's learned as an entrepreneur on Linkedin.

Linkedin Profile : Carrie Rose

16. Leila Hormozi

Leila Hormozi

An incredibly successful CEO and founder, Lelia is known for her expertise in starting and scaling businesses.

Linkedin Profile : Leila Hormozi

17. Jennifer Phan

Jennifer Phan

Co founder of Passionfroot. Jennifer empowers modern creator with lots of practical advice.

Linkedin Profile : Jennifer Phan

18. Shivani Berry

Shivani Berry

Founder of Arise Leadership, Shivani is on a mission to empower women with the tools to advance into leadership.

Linkedin Profile : Shivani Berry

19. Ellie Middleton

Ellie Middleton

Founder of (un)masked. She advocates for a more inclusive workplace culture.

Linkedin Profile : Ellie Middleton

20. Sophie Miller

Sophie Miller

Director of Pretty Little Marketer.
Sophie has built an incredible marketing community with fluff-free content.

Linkedin Profile : Sophie Miller

21. Grace Andrews

Grace Andrews

Founder of The Social Climber. Grace shares a ton of hacks, tips and tricks on growing your social media presence.

Linkedin Profile : Grace Andrews

22. Izzy Prior

Izzy Prior

Founder of Spark Social Media , Izzy shares her best strategies on personal branding for Free.

Linkedin Profile : Izzy Prior

23. Jackie Hermes

Jackie Hermes

Founder of Accelity. If you want to grow your business by building a Linkedin audience, she's your go-to person.

Linkedin Profile : Jackie Hermes

24. Sarah Carr

Sarah Carr

Founder of Titanium22 Digital and Zumo. Sarah is committed to help you smash the entrepreneurship life,

Linkedin Profile : Sarah Carr

25. Pam Moore

Pam Moore

Founder of Marketing Nutz. With 25 years of experience, i bet she can teach you a thing or two about branding.

Linkedin Profile : Pam Moore

26. Hannah Ajikawo

Hannah Ajikawo

Founder of Revenue Funnel. Hannah doesn't just share expertise in sales, she helps you adopt a positive mindset.

Linkedin Profile : Hannah Ajikawo

27. Anna Michalak

Anna Michalak

Founder of Vision Marketing. Follow her for insights on content creation and all things social.

Linkedin Profile : Anna Michalak

28. Sherice kral

Sherice kral

Founder of Sherice & Co. Sherice guides entrepreneurship to leverage digital content.

Linkedin Profile : Sherice Kral

29. Liz Ryan

Liz Ryan

Founder of human Workplace. Liz gives great advice to help you navigate the entrepreneurship life.

Linkedin Profile : Liz Ryan

30. Samantha McKenna

Samantha McKenna

Founder of #samesaless. if you want to build on Linkedin but don't know where to start, check her content.

Linkedin Profile : Samantha McKenna

31. Shay Rowbottom

Shay Rowbottom

Founder of Shay RowBottom Marketing. Her feed is packed with tutorials on how to create impactful video content.

Linkedin Profile : Shay Rowbottom

32. Leslie Venetz

Leslie Venetz

Founder of Sales Team Builder LLC. Leslie shares actionable advice to level up your content game.

Linkedin Profile : Leslie Venetz

33. Alexis Scott

Alexis Scott

Founder of The Fairy Job Mom. Her feed is full of tips on how to leverage Linkedin to grow your business.

Linkedin Profile : Alexis Scott

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