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Using Better Comments VScode Extention

Joseph Louie
Software Engineer
・1 min read

What is Better Comments?

Better Comments is a Vscode extention that lets you be more organized with your comments.

How I've personally used this extention

The main comments I've been using are:

// *
// !
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// *

This comment is colored similar to the orginial comment we get but sometimes when I'm skimmed my comments it catches my eye. This comment tell you about important information that you may want to be aware of.

// !

The warning comment, as I like to call it, catches your eye from a mile away. This comment lets the reader ME READ before you do anything to this function/method!


The todo comment is one of my favorites. After a long day of coding I usually have some unfinished features I want to implement or I'm half way in figuring out this bug. This comment will remind me where I left off the pervious day and remind me what I need to still do for the next day.

Thank You for reading! If you've used Better Comments VScode extention let me know in the comments. What do you use Better Comments for?

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