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My first attempt at using python's selenium

jolouie7 profile image Joseph Louie ・1 min read
  • This post below will be about what my experience was like using python's selenium.

Reason for wanting to learn selenium in the first place

I love automation, it's really cool when you can become more productive by allowing a bot to do repetitive work for you. I had a great project idea that I wanted to implement that involved selenium and youtube. In my subscription feed I had channels where i would watch all their videos everyday. Everyday I would add the videos to either a watch later playlist or add it to queue. I wanted a way for a program to do this for me.

Results of using selenium

The selenium docs are pretty clear and straight forward. My first task was to setup selenium and chrome webderiver. This took some time because I had to configure the path to my downloaded chrome webdriver and set a path to my chrome location. If you have your chrome in it's default location (where it usually would be when you finish downloading it) this wouldn't be a problem for you. After configuration, I was able to open a site using selenium. I soon realized that I couldn't sign in to google because google was protecting my account from selenium. I scrapped my project idea, but it was fun just openning up a website page automatically.


In the future I plan to use selenium for testing, a new project, or some simple task where I click something everyday.

Resource I used to setup and use Selenium

Thanks for reading.

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