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Let's talk about InterviewCake

jolouie7 profile image Joseph Louie ・1 min read

I was first to introduced to InterviewCake when I was still in my Bootcamp. I didn't know much about it besides that it was just a place where you can practice and learn about different data structures and algorithms. In this small post, I'll tell you my pros and cons of InterviewCake.


  • They have carefully selected problems for you to do. These problems are essential in getting better at data structures and algorithms. I wouldn't be surprised if a couple of companies give you problems straight from InterviewCake.
  • Parker (the guy who created InterviewCake) made this targeting Bootcamp graduates. He helped his friend get into Facebook and that's when he decided he loves helping me get into their dream company. Anyone besides bootcamp graduates can use InterviewCake.
  • Parker explains how to go from a brute force solution to an optimized solution with a lot of explanation.
  • They have many languages to choose from.


  • I wish they offer more problems.
  • They don't have any video explanations.

That's all from me! Have you tried InterviewCake? If you have, tell me about your experience with it. Did it help you land a job?

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