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Share Your Code with Any LLM Using This VS Code Extension

Image descriptionSyntax Extractor for Visual Studio Code. If you've ever wanted to seamlessly communicate your codebase to any LLM (like ChatGPT), this extension helps you save time.

SyntaxExtractor a VSCode Extention - YouTube

Hello there! πŸ™Œ Thanks for dropping by. I'm thrilled to introduce to you my project, the Syntax Extractor. It can take time going through code and folders, B...


πŸŽ‰ What is Syntax Extractor?

Syntax Extractor is a VSCode extension that helps you extract code and file structure context from your project. It streamlines gathering your code for better communication and assistance from any LLM.

πŸ’‘ Why Use Syntax Extractor?

1. Effortless Code Extraction
Syntax Extractor identifies and extracts your project’s code and file structure. Say goodbye to manual copy-pasting!

3. Contextual Understanding
By providing code snippets with their respective contexts
Syntax Extractor helps LLMs understand the bigger picture. This leads to more accurate suggestions, better debugging assistance, and more meaningful code reviews.

πŸš€ How to Get Started?

1.Install the Extension: Head over to the Visual Studio Code Marketplace and install.

2.Activate the Extension: Open your codebase in VSCode and activate from the sidebar (Wave icon).

3.Extract and Share: Select the code you want to share, and let Syntax Extractor do the rest!

πŸ“’ Spread the Word!

If you find Syntax Extractor helpful, share it or give me a star I would appreciate it!

🀝 Collaborate with Me

Want to contribute or have ideas for improvements? Check out the GitHub repository. Let's build something amazing together!

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offirmo profile image

This look very interesting. I need time to try it, will update this comment when I find the time.

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Josef Nobach

did you understand the tool?

jojomondag profile image
Josef Nobach

Would be cool to get another persons opinion!

jojomondag profile image
Josef Nobach

Hope you like it!