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10 Resources To Practise Your Frontend Skills


Hi, In this post I'm going to introduce to 10 resources to practise your Web development skills. These resources suit to both beginners and advanced developers, so it means is that you can find easy to complex projects to practise in there.

1. Frontend Mentor

Frontend Mentor has both free and premium challenges but free version has more than enough projects ranging from easy to advanced challenges. If you could afford premium version, I'd highly recommend it as there are quite complex projects to put in to your portfolio. You can download the project you choose with figma design and instructions and built it accordingly. Once you complete project, you can submit your solution so that other developers can leave their feedback on your project
Frontend Mentor

2. Codementor

Codementor is platform where you can hire expert mentors to advance you in your Web development career but they also provide projects to practise for free. These projects range from easy, medium to hard. They give you instructions, requirements, and resources to use on the chosen project. And also you can see other people's solution or post your own solution and be rated by other developers

3. Frontend Practise

Frontend Practise is another free resource where you try to clone given website to perfect closeness. Projects are divided in to three categories, from level 1 to level 3.

Frontend Practise

4. Codewell

Codewell has both free and paid version. But you can stick with free version of it as there are quite a lot of free projects to practise. Once you choose project you want to build, you can download assets, instructions.

5. Css Battle

Css Battle is not like other resources listed in this post. You are only going to be using Html and Css to create shapes to 100% closeness. the more they are like the original design, the higher score you get and your ranking goes up. It's more like a competitive css practising ground.
Css Battle

6. Codier

Codier is the free platform where each project you choose has instructions that you must follow and once you completed the project, you can submit your solution and others could rate it.

7. Frontend Club

Frontend Club has the least amount of projects to practise for but it's enough at the beginning to practise. There are total of 8 projects in which you are given instructions on how to complete the project alongside assets.
Frontend Club

8. JavaScript Beginners

JavaScript Beginners is completely free resource to practise your Frontend skills. But it's more suited for beginner to pre-intermediate developers. You can find link to solution of the project on each project.
JavaScript Beginners

9. 100 Days of Projects

100 Days of Projects are 100 projects created by Florin Pop. This one is very similar to JavaScript Beginners platform where most of the projects are easy and suited for beginner to pre-intermediate developers
100 Days of Projects

10. App Ideas

This project list in github is created by Florin Pop and Jim Medlock and these projects are broken down into 3 categories, easy, medium, and hard. Easy to medium projects don't much require backend skills if you don't want. Most of the advanced projects require some kind of backend connection.
App Ideas

So these are 10 resources to practise your Frontend skills. You can choose one and complete it fully or you can go through all of them and hand pick only the ones that you liked and build them. However you want to use these resources is up to you. If you liked this post or have feedback please share your thoughts

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Akash Chauhan

With the rapid pace of change in the tech industry, it can be difficult to predict which skills will be in demand in the future ?
However, there are top 10 skills that are essential for any front-end developer.

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React Hunter

Great links!