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Coding Challenge Websites to Practise Problem Solving


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Algorithmic and data structure related problems are required to be solved in nearly every coding interviews. And if you want to get a job in top companies such MAANG(Meta, Amazong, Apple, Netflix, and Google), then you must be good at solving algorithmic and data structure related problems as these types of problems are given to you on the interview. So If you goal is to get a job in Programming Tech then you should be spending time to solve problems and getting better at them on daily basis. But even if you already have a job or coding is your hobby, you'll greatly benefit from solving coding problems. As you've to use your logical, critical, and analytical thinking skills to crack those problems. As a result of doing more and more problems you'll get cleverer and become a good problem solver which is sought after in nearly all the workplaces.
So I've gathered 7 resources where you can practise your problem solving skills.

1. Codewars

If you are a beginner programmer, I'd highly recommend that you start at here. Difficuly of the problems are specified in kata from 8-kata to 1-kata which is from the easiest to the hardest. You can choose to use your programming language to solve each coding challenge. So If I were to start anew and wanted to solve coding problems, then I'd start at 8-kata and solve 20-30 coding problems at each kata before moving on to next kata.

2. Edabit

Edabit is another great resource for coding problems. They've quite great deal of collection of problems and you can choose problems based on difficulty. You can choose any coding language that you use to solve coding problems. You can choose between easy, medium, hard coding problems based on your programming level

3. LeetCode

LeetCode became really famous in the recent years as they provide problems that encountered in real coding interviews in companies ranging from Google, Meta, Netflix and more. They've both free and paid version of the platform. Paid version provides more features such as being able to view solution to the most encountered coding problems in interviews. You can choose to solve coding problems in your favourite programming language. Problems are ranked from easy, medium, and hard but don't think that because problems are specified as easy it does not mean they are easy. In fact even easy problems are quite hard, so it's not recommended for complete beginners. I'd recommend first to do coding problems in codewars, or edabit. And they also have challenges not only on programming but also in SQL as well.

4. Exercism

Exercising is quite uniqie among other platforms as they not only provide coding problems in 60 programming languages but also mentors who helps you find gap in your knowledge and helps you become better problem solver and programmer. I'd highly recommend Exercism for developers who are anywhere from intermediate to advanced level

5. HackerRank

HackerRank is also one of the great resources to practise problem solving skills. They contain great deal of algorithmic, data structure problems that you can solve in any programming language that you use. They also provide certification test which you can take and get certified if you pass in your expertise

6. Coding Game

Coding Game is a fun way to to learn to solve coding problems. Coding challenges are based on the games. And by solving problems, if your ranking gets high, recruiters can hire you as well. It's overall very interactive and fun way to solve problems
Coding Game

7. Project Euler

Project Euler is a series of challenging mathematical/computer programming problems that will require more than just mathematical insights to solve. Although mathematics will help you arrive at elegant and efficient methods, the use of a computer and programming skills will be required to solve most problems.
Project Euler

These 7 coding challenge platforms are my go-to resources for improving my problem solving skills and preparing for coding interviews. If you liked what you've read, or have suggestions please leave your feedback on comment section.
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There are 175 puzzles spread over the seven years of Advent of Code, each puzzle in two parts. Although the challenge runs 'live' from December 1-25, you can complete past challenges whenever you like. There is an archive of Reddit discussion for every day's puzzle, with solutions in virtually every language you can think of.

If you like the puzzles, you can take part in the 2022 challenge 'live' from 1 December, with the first 100 completions for each part recorded on a leader board. Lots of people live stream their puzzling and it's all pretty good fun.

If you want to find out more, I've started solving the puzzles from 2015 onwards; you can read about how I get on in my DEV blog series here.

Like you, I've also enjoyed Codewars and Project Euler.

Cheers, J!

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Thanx for the response. I'm surely ganna have look at your blogs