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10 Web Development Youtube Channels You Must Follow to Become Web Developer

If you are a new web developer, and don't yet know top Youtube channels to learn web programming then you come to right place. I've intently hand-picked 10 top resources to learn web development and be on the top. These resources are great both for beginner and intermediate developers. In these channels you can find both theorotical and practical tutorials that you can learn from to.

1. Traversy Media

Traversy Media is one of the goat of web development channels in Youtube. He has no doubt helped thousands of thousands aspiring developers to land their dream job with his clear to understand, easy to follow tutorials. You can find nearly any tutorial for any technology you are going to learn to become web developer. He also includes vidoes on personal life. He's really inspirational as you'll find out how come to success through hardships over hardships. Overall you greatly benefit over the course of your career from his tutorials.
Traversy Media

2. The Net Ninja

The Net Ninja is my favourite tutor on this list. The way he break down complex concepts to such a easy to understand pieces, it'll become hard to not to understand the concepts he's teaching. He also combines a sense of humor in his tutorials which hold viewer's attention. He has more than 1000 vidoes on web development. You can sure find video tutorial that teaches you technology you are learning. If I had to recommend, the single web tutorial on Youtube, I'd surely recommend his video tutorials.
The Net Ninja

3. Web Dev Simplified

Web Dev Simplified mainly creates short videos but in a such a detailed, well-thought, nicely structured manner that teaches you topic deeply in a short period of time. He also most of the time both write the blog and record the video on the topic, he teaches on youtube which is very beneficial, If you are more reader than watcher. I highly recommend, you keep eye on his channel, as you could learn complex concepts deeply on this channel
Web Dev Simplified

4. FreeCodeCamp

I think is that FreeCodeCamp has become universally known so there' no much introduction needed for this channel. As they create top-notch length videos that dive deep into the each concept. They have also free platform where you can learn MERN stack to Data Science and contains 100s of free projects. Each video on their channel dives deep into the concept which viewer benefits a lot. If ever need length tutorials for free, instead of going to udemy, I recommend first go through video on their channel after that you might not need to go to udemy.

5. JavaScript Mastery

JavaScript Mastery has become very active in the recent 2 years. This channel project-focussed channel. So you can learn theory in other channels and do practical projects in this channel. He builds projects with MERN stack, mostly with React. So if you learning React, I'd highly recommend that you build projects alongside him, thus you could learn practical concepts in a deeper way. If you are new to coding, you don't need to watch videos on his channel but keep eye for this for laters. If you learned fundamentals of React, then go through his tutorials and improve your React knowledge. Projects are very practical which you can put to your portfolio which can definitely help you land your web developer job.
JavaScript Mastery

6. Lama Dev

Lama Dev is very similar channel as JavaScript Mastery which focusses mainly on teaching coding via building projects. But he mostly focus on MERN stack projects. So If you learn fundamentals of MERN then this is the channel that you are going to spend most of your time to deepen your MERN knowledge. Projects are very portfolio worthy. So once you complete projects, put it to your portfolio and hopefully you get your first dev job.
Lama Dev

7. Programming with Mosh

Programming with Mosh is very famous in programming community as Traversy Media. His ability to explain concepts in easy to grasp way, attracts millions of viewers and help them better their programming knowledge. He has nearly all videos for any technology you need but most of them are part of his paid courses. You could just learn free part which is more than enough in the beginning and if you could affort you might buy paid course as well.
Programming with Mosh

8. Academind

Academind is also another great web developer instructor on Youtube. He has many tutorials in nearly all technologies. The way explain the complex concepts in a easier to understand way, helped a lot of developers grow in their web developer career. He has many tutorials on JavaScript, React, Angular, Nextjs and so on.

9. Stefan Mischook

This channel does not teach you concepts or projects in web technologies. I put him in the list because he has more than 30 years of experience in programming and he share his invaluable expertise in programming for free. He has many videos on freelancing. You definitely benefit from this channel later in your career.
Stefan Mischook

10. Coding Phase

Coding Phase is another non-technology teaching Youtube channel which specializes in teaching non-technical concepts such as developer salary negotiations, freelancing, how to get a job and more. I highly recommend his channel if you want to get info about soft-skills
Coding Phase

These were my top 10 list of Youtube channels that help you become a web developer. I've used over the period of my journey to learn web development and get a job. So that's why I highly recommend them. If you've better resources please share with me on the comment below.

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