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No Ethernet Port Laptops: Wireless Connection is the New Wave

Definition and Importance of the Ethernet Port?

"The RJ-45 port" or " The Ethernet Port" the renowned term applied by most computer users today is an access port used to connect your laptop to the internet from another network device like a router by plugging in an Ethernet Cable.

Ethernet ports are usually located either on the left or right-hand side of your laptop. This component of a laptop provides instant connection from the cable to the port without the need of a password.

The current state of internet in the world

With the world now moving in the direction of Wi-Fi thanks to improved wireless connections and more compatible devices the need for ethernet ports is reducing day by day. However, places like hospitals, government parastatals, school offices and other big companies use both Ethernet and Wi-Fi just in case one of two becomes disconnected for a period of time.

In an office or library type setting Wi-Fi can introduce security issues and even connection issues for a large number of users. Wi-Fi networks can be more easily hacked into than Ethernet cables. When many users are connected to one Wi-Fi network at the same time it can lead to high network latency on laptops and other mobile devices during simple web browsing on Google Chrome, watching videos on YouTube or downloading files from the internet.

Solution to the Problem

The newest version of laptops these days now require their users to purchase Ethernet Extenders to connect to Ethernet. This Ethernet Extender has a USB cable on one end for connecting to your laptop and an Ethernet Port for Ethernet Cable.


Although the removal of Ethernet Ports is big loss, it's not end of the world. Throughout time we have adopted new ways to connect laptops to the internet such as Wi-Fi Tethering, Personal Hotspot, USB Tethering and more.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article, I hope you have enjoyed it. See you next time.

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