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I built NextJS starters directory in 54 minutes

Hey builders.

I've built & launched a directory from 0→1 in 54 minutes.
A real experiment with a happy end!
7 steps.

→ Idea.
NextJS starter kits and boilerplates are super hot these days. It was as hot as gpts or AI back in the day. So I saw the trend.

→ Name & Domain.
I went to Google and searched for everything related to this to find a keyword that got nothing serious on the top. Then I looked at the Google searches for this keyword and picked the one with 10k searches but low competition and it was available on Godaddy for $10.

→ Directory and text.
I went to unicornplatform, picked a directory template, and cloned it.
I asked AI to edit to next based on the project name, it just made it all well from the first try.

→ Images, logo, favicon, video.
I asked ChatGPT Vision to generate this. It did a good job. Then I went to runwayml to edit the generated images with prompts and the gif for the tweet.
Took me about 10 minutes to make it beautiful.

→ Content.
I went to DevHunt and PH and found winners. Added 4. Just to start with.

→ New content.
I added a form so people can submit their NextJS starters, so that I can start to fill up the list.

→ I've wrote this tweet, and I'm about to hit "Post" btn

Submit your starter kits, in case this goes viral, those who submit first will be on the top of the list

My next steps
→ turn on seobotai
to win the organic SEO traffic
→ list it everywhere using listingbott
→ launch in on PH and DevHunt

my original post

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closetgeekshow profile image

Boilerplates?! I came here looking for Boierlates...

Seriously though, this looks very cool. I was just looking for nextjs starters like a month ago and it is not the easiest task. I love the idea of passing things off to a gpt just to get something done and out the door. You can put real work into it in case it gets big enough to warrant the effort.

shubhadip_bhowmik profile image
Shubhadip Bhowmik

From zero to NextJS directory hero in 54 minutes? That's faster than my morning coffee brew! ☕️ Your journey sounds like a mix of genius brainstorming and AI magic—I bet the ChatGPT Vision saw your future success before you even did! 🧙‍♂️🌟 Creating a directory and summoning SEO-botai? Bravo! It's like watching a magician revealing their tricks; except, instead of rabbits, you're pulling in NextJS starters! 🎩🐇 Can't wait to see this directory dominate the internet like a boss—soon, even Google might start searching for 'NextJS starter directory'! 🚀 Keep slinging that code and turning ideas into reality; you're making 54 minutes feel like an eternity! 🌟💻

Happy Coding,

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