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How to Launch Your Open Source Product in Just 3 Weeks (And Only Spend $10!)

I kid you not, we managed this feat while doing the impossible: leaving marketers utterly clueless! Read on for an astonishing tale of how a band of sleep-deprived devs tackled the marketing world and came out victorious.

The Great Dev Injustice

I couldn't help but notice that every product hunt seemed to be dominated by marketing gurus peddling their shiny new toys. Meanwhile, our hardworking dev tools were left abandoned like forgotten puppies at the pound.


But what if we banded together and created "DevHunt"? A space where no marketer would dare set foot?

So I took it upon myself - because I clearly had nothing better to do - and asked my Twitter followers if they thought there was a problem worth solving here.

This tweet might cause some serious FOMO

The response was overwhelming, with over 100 likes fueling my caffeine-laden ambition. So began our frantic journey towards launching DevHunt!

Behold the power of social media! And remember what uncle Ben told Peter Parker: "With great retweets comes great responsibility."


Now committed to making DevHunt happen (or just blowing through $10), I rallied up 25 brave souls ready to contribute their skills and talent.

Developers Assemble... or Disassemble?

As time flew by faster than Elon Musk's Tesla Roadster, contributors started falling off like flies meeting a bug zapper. But lo-and-behold! A handful of die-hard devs put in blood, sweat, possibly tears, and a concerning amount of energy drinks to bring DevHunt to life in just three weeks!

No Marketing Gurus Allowed Here

We relied on Twitter for traction instead of begging those marketing goblins. We only spent $10! Can you believe that? You heard it right, folks - we bought the domain and used a bunch of free tools:

In just 5 days after launch, over 1000 developers flocked to DevHunt with more than 10 dev tools added today.


The Future Is Ours To Conquer

Who says you need unlimited resources or time? All you need is some caffeine-fueled motivation and like-minded devs ready to bring ideas into reality.

Now you can join us on this journey as we continue launching projects at MarsX.

Got a killer Dev Tool idea? Add it to now!

Enough waiting; there's a software development world out there begging for transformation!

Oh by the way, if you loved my brutal honesty in here don't forget to follow me on Twitter @johnrushx.

Be prepared for amusing adventures, occasional software development tips and no sugarcoating.


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Kumar Kalyan

Great article

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John Rush

thx, join our product if you like it, it's open source :)

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John Rush

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we've built this project as non-profit, to make the dev tool world better.