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Is the Generation Gap today bigger than ever?

We can define Generation Gap as a lack of understanding between people of distinct generations. These differences can be about work ethics, moral values, respect, political views, attitudes toward different group and religious beliefs.

In this generation, technology is leading the way to and being responsible for a gap never ever seen.

Education has gained heaps from technology. It is much more affordable: we can study in our own time, in a queue bank.

Even if you can't afford a course, the internet offers tons of free training. With the same internet, you can also meet people for each part of the word to learn a new language. It was impossible 20 years ago.

We are saving more lives. Now we can do a heart surgery with more precision. We have other ways to identity a cancer before it become irreversible. The treatment for several diseases is becoming cheaper fast. Technology allows to see the world and discovery the universe.

We can see a black hole from an astronomy laboratory and say with sure if a planet has or no water. And why this concern about water? Because is the premise that we know about life.
The news is faster. If something happened in one side of the world, the other side knows in seconds. It was totally unthinking decades ago.

The way of how to work has changed. We can be an employee working for someone abroad. This gave us freedom to live wherever we want and still work for the country we were born

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To top all of that, we put this entire technology and global communication in a small object. The smartphone.
We can do a lot of things starting by taking off the smartphone from pocket and open a app. Need to call a taxi? It has an app. Ask for food? It has also an app. Even find a soulmate or something not so engaged has a specifically app. We became closer with everyone in the world with social networks. On the other hand, the abuse use social networks is not so good for mental health. Needs to be used carefully.

Ours cars are now electric. Zero emission of polluting gases. With robots we can build more, better, and faster. But the gap between how jobs disappear with these robots and how fast we can train the people who lose their jobs in new function is growing every day.

Other things like taste in music, way to wear or how to speak became different with time, but the effect of technology changed the world forever, so far.

This effect is exponential and what we built in 50 years, if compared with the last 100 years is incredibly. What could we expect for the next gap with all this technology available?

We can expect more. Maybe find life in another planet or extend our life with scientific research. We can expect a cleaner, gas-free and more connected world than ever before.

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