Do you include hobbies in your CV?

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A friend asked for feedback on their CV, and I thought adding some hobbies is a good idea, as it gives a little more depth as a person.
He strongly disagreed, saying the proper place to mention hobbies is F2F only.

What do you think?
Do you include hobbies in your CV?

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If your hobby is directly applicable to the job then it's fine to mention it. For example, if you're applying to an IoT job and you mention that you run a local robotics meetup then it helps the potential employer get a better idea of your passion for the line of work. If your hobby is taking care of rescue chickens then that should be left out.


IMO, Your friend's correct.

In CV, we only mention what are your strong points and the reason why the company has to invite and employ you, in the end. While keeping them as simple, yet meaningful.

Mention your hobby only when F2F session and the interviewer asks you.

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