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How to become a DevOps/Cloud Engineer

Reposting for community benefit. Original article written by Lydia Oshodi:

👩🏾‍💻How To Become A DevOp/Cloud Engineer


Need to understand cloud storage platforms & Kubernetes
(Have at least ☝🏾cloud certification)

Highly recommend an AWS cert since it’s more in demand/companies are asking for this knowledge.

Prep course:

Best AWS courses on the market
Instructor:👉🏾 Adrian Cantrill

2. CKAD: Certified Kubernetes Application Developer

Certified Kubernetes Application Developer COurse

✅Understand scripting languages such as (Python, Linux,)

✅Training Programs:

1. Booz Allen Hamilton

✔️BAH Tech Excellance Program is offering to train people to become a DevOps/ Cloud Engineer and get them sponsored for a high level clearance to work as a junior/entry level hire on projects in Huntsville, Alabama.
💰Paid Program
(Must be open to relocate)

Booz Allen Hamilton Program

Huntsville, AL is one of the underrated cities in the south. The government industry is located at Redstone Arsenal (NASA, MDA, AMC, FBI). There is also Research Park where all the Defense Contractors are located. A great location to be for Defense, Aerospace ✈️ , Engineering, and soon to be Intelligence.

2. Uturn Data Solutions

💰 Paid internship for cloud/devop engineers
📆 Application will be open in Q1 of 2023

Follow & contact: 👉🏾 Stephen Sadowski [search on LinkedIn] who will post when the applications are available in 2023

3. AT&T

✔️Technology Development Program
💰Paid Internship
📆 Sign up to get alerted when it’s available

Will gain working experience in administering networks, databases and/or operating systems such as Linux, interest in technology architecture, interest with low-code development platforms and scripting languages, as well as current experience in software development languages such as Java, SQL, and HTML/CSS.

AT&T Technology Development Program

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