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Video of one hour of assembly programming.

Here is a video of one hour of my assembly language programming session.

Very often, when I am discussing about assembly language programming, I have some feeling, that the opponents simply can't imagine the whole process and think that it is some kind of very different (and very hard!) from other languages.

So, I decided to make a screencast of my programming process in order to give a general idea about what programming I am writing in my posts.

This video shows implementation of multiple files open through the file open dialog in Fresh IDE v3.x project.

Actually it is a work on two projects simultaneously: The GUI toolkit of FreshLib (the file dialog and the components TGrid and TListView) and the Fresh IDE itself (which is in very early stage and I am using it mainly as a test project for the GUI toolkit.

The GUI toolkit uses OOP macro library of FreshLib, so, some of the instructions used may look a little bit strange.

Unfortunately, a lot of the process remains behind the camera - in my head. So, some of you can find the video a little bit boring. But hope you will like the music if not the video.

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Juan Carlos

Nice, cool music, I dont recognize the framework macros, ASM is awesome.🙂👍

ASM is good tool with no extra fat, this is Assembly inlined on Nim lang:

func exasmple(): int {.asmNoStackFrame.} =
  asm """.intel_syntax noprefix
    mov eax, 2     
    add eax, 4     

echo exasmple() # 2 + 4 = 6
johnfound profile image

Hey, I would like to have some feedback.

Negative or positive is not important at all.

This video is highly experimental and it will be good to know is it worth to make another similar. Or have to improve something. Or it is better to stop at all and search another way.

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Kate Matthews

I only watched a few minutes, but I found it very interesting to get a little glimpse into something that was previously 100% opaque.

Also, enjoyed the music :)

pauldparadis profile image
Paul D. Paradis

This is great! I decided to take a deep dive into computing by starting to teach myself assembly language programming. Do you have any tips for the beginning stages of learning?