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Fresh IDE v2.7.0 has been released

Fresh IDE v2.7.0 has been released.

Fresh IDE is an advanced IDE for assembly language programming (FASM).

It is fully written in assembly language, self hosting and is especially designed for comfortable programming of very big assembly language projects.

The current release highlights:

  • The main change in this release is the final transition of the FreshLib to the new GUI architecture. Not finished, but on the right path now.

  • FlatAssembler compiler has been updated to the version 1.73.12.

  • The syntax highlighting of the editor is improved to support user defined keywords for coloring.

  • Two builtin fonts, especially suitable for assembly programming has been added to the editor themes.

  • More extended tests has been provided on Windows 10. As a result, the editor rendering and the overall stability has been improved.

  • The included examples has been revised and fixed to compile with the latest FreshLib libraries.

  • Of course the usual bug fixing and new bug introduction has been made as well.

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